Shelving and Brackets

There are plenty of cheap shelving units and brackets on the market, and they are usually just that…

If you’re trying to store particular sized, heavy or odd shaped items, not to mention maximising that whole area you have free, then a custom-made heavy duty shelf is for you. Why settle for a small, flimsy and some times dangerous cheap shelving system? We can build a unique shelving unit from many different designs, materials, colours, sizes and load capacities. The sky is the limit!

To further maximise your storage space, why not hang items and tools on the walls? Whether it be for odd shaped and large objects, or just for easy access. Hanging items from a wall can also be quite user-friendly, as you can quickly find exactly what you need and easily see when something is missing. We can custom fabricate any size bracket from large to small, to accommodate even the most unusually shaped items.

Contact us for all your shelf and bracket requirements.

More images coming soon.